Sheen Mount Primary - Design and Technology

Our Vision

At St Bridget’s we believe design and technology is an inspiring and rigorous subject. Pupils are taught to design, make, generate ideas and evaluate using different textiles and mechanisms. Children are taught to correctly use tools safety to achieve an end result. Our design and technology curriculum also teaches about food and nutrition and how to make healthy choices. Pupils learn how to take risks and become resourceful while gaining a critical understanding of the way design and technology effects their daily life and the environment. This also includes developing their knowledge and skills when involving ICT.

Our Aims

  • To promote a balanced, inclusive, progressive curriculum with appropriate cross curriculum links.
  • To participate in an increasingly changing technological world while building on creative, technical and practical skills.
  • To provide an inclusive education bearing in mind the particular needs of all pupils within the school.
  • To build on their knowledge and skills in design and technology so they can design, make and evaluate a high quality product.
  • To test their own ideas and product as well as other children’s work.
  • To gain an understanding of nutrition and learn how to cook.  

Our Curriculum

Early Years

Our children in the Early Years follow the curriculum of Expressive Arts and Design from Development Matters. They will have the opportunities to use and explore a wide range of media and materials, including the use of ICT toys to further their learning. They are encouraged to use their design and making skills and to talk about their ideas and feelings. Children will also learn about healthy eating and have regularly opportunities to bake.  

Key Stage One

Children are given the opportunities to use their design, make and evaluating skills to make products for a purpose. They learn how to use materials and tools safely and correctly. They will be taught knowledge and skills to use their creative and practical ideas to achieve a desired outcome in different contexts. They will be taught how to make different structures and moving mechanisms. Children will be taught about cooking and nutrition.

Key Stage Two

Children will be taught how to develop their practical and creative skills to improve their knowledge and skills to design, make and evaluate. They will be taught how to evaluate their own work as well as other children’s work. Children will improve on their technical knowledge by using a wider range of materials and tools. They will develop their own design criteria and explore how to make more complex structures, mechanisms and electrical systems. They will design and make their own food and learn about nutrition and healthy eating.


To enrich the children’s learning we link design and technology closely to our topics. This includes activities such as making moving vehicles when we learn about Romans and make chariots and making space buggies linked to Space themed topics. We also link our food and nutrition to themed days such as Chinese New Year and pancake day, where the children have opportunities to design, make and taste.

St Bridget’s D&T long term plan

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Design and Technology- knowledge, skills sand outcomes

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