The Catholic Life of Our School


Our school has its own distinctive mission statement which expresses our shared sense of purpose:

 Learning to Love, Pray and Grow Together as a Community in the Light of Jesus Christ.”

At St. Bridget’s, our mission is to seek the ongoing development of every pupil and young person and to promote their well-being and freedom. This vision shapes the daily life of the Catholic school as a community guided by the light of Jesus Christ. A strong Catholic ethos is embodied and found across the whole curriculum and not just within the RE timetable.

We are a Catholic School. Everything that happens here is informed by Gospel Values and the teachings of Jesus.

The aim of our school is the Christian growth of the children, not simply their growth in Faith but their growing awareness of the world as a maturing Christian. We are a loving community, where all are treated with respect, where a commitment to justice underpins all that we do and teach, and where the presence of God is reflected in our daily routine.

St. Bridget's provides an outstanding religious education, based on the values of living life through Christ. The shared dedication of our hardworking staff team is an essential factor in maintaining our excellent standards; we want our pupils to learn, to grow and to be inspired by Gospel values, so that they can reflect God's love in their everyday lives. Through teaching and learning, children show respect for the value of their own culture and the culture of others and this helps them to live harmoniously in society. Racism and racial prejudice will be challenged with positive attitudes.


School services and masses are held at key points through the year and parents and families are invited to join us on a number of occasions. We enjoy involvement with our local parish of St Mary's and our Parish Priest as well as celebrating significant points with our local schools and churches. Our church is called St Mary's and our Parish Priest is Father Peter Groody, who plays an active role in our school.

St Mary's Church, Egremont

Religious Events Celebrated in our School and at St. Mary’s Church

  • Lent & Easter
  • Festivals & Saints Feast Days
  • Reconciliation
  • First Holy Communion
  • Remembrance
  • Advent & Christmas

Our school is part of a family of schools in the Diocese of Lancaster, led and governed by The Bishop of Lancaster, The Right Reverend Paul Swarbrick.


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