Our School Council

Our School Councillors work together in order to organise a range of fun and exciting events for our School. They meet regularly to discuss ideas and listen to each other’s view-points about issues within the School.  Through hard work and the generosity of people who take part in these events, we raise money for different Charities and our School.


In September, the children voted for their new school councillors.

The children took part in the annual school council elections, and learnt about the importance of democracy. Every class from Y1-Y6 cast their votes and 2 children from each year group will represent their class mates for the next year. They will play a valuable role in the decision making process of key events in school.

Results were counted and verified and we are delighted to introduce you to our new School Councillors:

School Council Meeting

The School Council met with Mrs Smith on 9th October to discuss their many ideas for the year ahead. They had lots of suggestions for ways to raise money for the school and other charities and for the things they would like to have in school. It was a very fruitful meeting.