Our first Forest Schools Taster session was held for Years 3 and 4.  After learning the rules for Forest school, ‘Be safe, be kind,’ the children were set the challenge of designing a flag or emblem that represents what makes our School so special.  The only resources allowed were anything that they could find on the ‘Forest Floor!’  The children worked in groups and gave each other roles to play within the group!  When we came to look at each Flag, each Group had to present their creations and talk about how they had worked together as a team.

Interestingly, all the Flags displayed similar traits ... St. Bridget’s is like a whole family, where children feel safe and loved.  The children used sticks, stones, leaves and flowers as symbols for these things.  
Each Group identified the characteristics of co-operation, communication and collaboration, along with valuing everyone’s ideas and problem solving, for effective teamwork. 

We all had a really lovely time and everyone wanted to come back another day!