Year 3 asked: Why do we have muscles?

Image of Year 3 asked: Why do we have muscles?

We have been learning all about a healthy lifestyle, food and exercise.  We have studied the 3 main functions of our skeleton, to protect, support and help movement. We now know that we have 3 different types of muscle, they move in different ways and have different function. Some muscles move…

Science Year 3

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Year 3 treat afternoon

Image of Year 3 treat afternoon

Year 3 enjoyed hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows whilst watching a Christmas movie. The perfect end to their busy week. A well deserved treat after OFSTED visitors were blown away by the exemplary behaviour of all children and their hard working attitudes. Well done wonderful children.

Year 3 Curriculum enrichment

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Super Skeletons in Science

Image of Super Skeletons in Science

We got our old friend, Harold, out of the cupboard to investigate bones and their functions. We learnt that the skull and ribs protect our vital organs and looked at the skeletons of animals. Their skeletons were quite different to human skeletons. This was to help them to move in certain…

Science Year 3

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Spooktacular Year 3

Image of Spooktacular Year 3

Year 3 looked amazing on Spooky Dress Up Day!

Well done to all children and parents for helping them to look wonderful. 
They enjoyed making their own pumpkin designs, colouring spooky pictures and watching a spooky film.

They also learnt about the history of Halloween and All Saint’s…

Year 3 Curriculum enrichment PSHE

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Year 3 wanted to know, Is soil just dirt?

Image of Year 3 wanted to know, Is soil just dirt?

In Science, we have been studying rocks and soil. Some Year 3 investigators went outside to take a closer look at the layers within soil. As they dug down, sieved and observed they found different horizons: humus, leaves, twigs, stones, top soil, clay and rocks. Kalani even discovered her very own…

Science Year 3

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Year 3 visit to the Egremont Library

Image of Year 3 visit to the Egremont Library

Year 3 enjoyed a wet walk to the library. It didn’t stop us from going to broaden our reading! We love new books to take home. Well done Year 3! The librarian even commented on how smart, sensible and respectful we are. True St. Bridget’s children, so proud.

Year 3 Reading

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