Y6 using proportion to create self-portraits

Image of Y6 using proportion to create self-portraits

Year 6 have been learning how to draw self-portraits in their art and design topic of drawing. They learnt how to use their sketching pencils effectively to create cross-hatching to form the illusion of light and shade. They then considered the proportion of their facial features. 

Year 6 Art

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Y6 Fencing Session

Image of Y6 Fencing Session

Y6 enjoyed trying out a new sport - fencing. They learnt several new moves and how to block and attack an opponent. They enjoyed wearing the body armour and protective face masks. It was brilliant to learn new skills and sample new sports. 

Physical Education Year 6

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Y6 Food Technology - pitta bread

Image of Y6 Food Technology - pitta bread

Y6 have been continuing their street food journey and have been learning how to make pitta bread from North Africa. They learned how to Mia and knee the dough to stretch the gluten strands and that by adding warm water to the yeast it would help it to grow. Once baked, the delicious warm bread was…

Year 6 Design and Technology

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Y6 Food Technology - Burritos

Image of Y6 Food Technology - Burritos

In our design and technology lessons we have been asking the question: Can Street Foods Save Us? The children have been learning about food from other cultures, in this case Mexico, and have refining and practicing their chopping, cutting, grating and dicing skills to make vegetarian burritos.…

Year 6 Design and Technology

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Y6 trip to Egremont Castle

Image of Y6 trip to Egremont Castle

Y6’s history topic this half-term has centred around our local area, specifically Egremont and its significance right back from the 1200s. The children have learned about the history of our little town, the origins of Crab Fair and how and why the castle was built. We went to investigate the ruins…

Year 6 History

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Y6 Reading Selfies!

Image of Y6 Reading Selfies!

Y6 have been enjoying their class novel Rooftoppers by Katharine Randell. It’s inspired them to explore the books available to them in our classroom library. They have shared their thoughts, ideas and experiences of reading with our Reading Ambassadors and this feedback will help to inform the…

Year 6 Reading

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Y6 Maths Whizzers!

Image of Y6 Maths Whizzers!

Y6 have been working so hard on Maths Whizz this half-term. We are consistently seeing most of the class entering the Hall of Fame for making excellent progress and improving their maths age week on week. These children have excelled particularly and have been rewarded with being the certificate…

Maths Year 6

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Y6 School Council

Image of Y6 School Council

Y6 have been learning about the importance of democracy and local government. Many children in the class campaigned to be members of the school Council with excellent manifestos about how they can improve our school and community. After a very close vote, Riley and Lily were voted in as our new…

School Council Year 6

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Y6 Dodgeball

Image of Y6 Dodgeball

Y6 have been enjoying a variety of PE sessions but their favourite type of defend and attack game is dodgeball. They have been refining their skills in our sessions in the hall. 

Physical Education Year 6

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Y6 Sports Day

Image of Y6 Sports Day

The weather held off and we were delighted to be able to take part in our first Sports Day on the field since 2019. Excellent performances from all our Y6 children with the green team eventually doing out victorious!

Physical Education Year 6

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