Image of Year One Maths
17 January 2024

Year One Maths

Year One have been having great fun using the frames to represent numbers and support their Maths work. We love working practically in Maths. 

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Image of Owl Encounter Year One
7 October 2021

Owl Encounter Year One

Today Year One had an amazing time learning about owls and meeting some very special visitors. We met Fidget and Marmite the owl and even got to stroke and hold them. We all enjoyed learning about and holding a micro squirrel. The children also looked at and held skeletons of other small animals…

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Image of Year 1 Celebration of work
8 June 2020

Year 1 Celebration of work

Year One have been working so hard during lockdown, they have been completing the set schoolwork and also enjoying some new hobbies.

Here are some of the highlights of just the last week. We have had wonderful fun.  Here are some of the things Year one have been up to: making jam jar…

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Image of Reception & Year 1 Science Workshop
13 March 2020

Reception & Year 1 Science Workshop

Today we had a great time together exploring Solids, Liquids and Gases.  We predicted the outcomes of mixing certain materials together.  We were amazed that the reaction of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda made a gas that inflated the balloon!  We did have a bit of an explosion but it added to the…

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Image of Year 3 & Year 6 Science Workshop
13 March 2020

Year 3 & Year 6 Science Workshop

Year 3 and Year 6 enjoyed exploring reactions between solids and liquids as part of Science Day. We gave predictions and expanded our scientific reasoning.  When investigating dissolving using candy floss the children were challenged to use scientific vocabulary to explain how the solution was…

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Image of Year 1 Whinlatter
11 March 2020

Year 1 Whinlatter

Wow Year 1 have all enjoyed the best day at Whinlatter learning how to follow a Map.  Thank you to Barbara in the education Yurt explaining all about how animals use their senses to navigate.  After an extensive map trail we were all delighted to return for lunch.  After lunch we explored the park…

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Image of Y1 Library Visit for World Book Day
5 March 2020

Y1 Library Visit for World Book Day

Year 1 have enjoyed a fantastic trip to Egremont Library to celebrate World Book Day.  We enjoyed sharing stories and choosing a book to take home.  At the end of our session we shared a class story of ‘The Gruffalo’.  We enjoyed exploring the story sack that contained all the characters from ‘The…

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Image of Y1 Treasure Hunt
9 February 2020

Y1 Treasure Hunt

On Friday our phonics frog Fred made a treasure hunt for us along with some help from Miss Flynn and some Year 5 helpers.  We had a map to follow and hunted high and low for clues all around school.  It was lots of fun and we enjoyed working out the clues, some were linked to our Geography topic…

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Image of Y1 Make e-books
30 January 2020

Y1 Make e-books

Over the past few weeks Year 1 have been using their computing lessons to create their own e-books. The children have created their own images, animated them and added sounds.  Along with this they have added text to accompany their stories.  All this has been created using Purple Mash the…

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Image of Y1 Number Bonds
30 January 2020

Y1 Number Bonds

Today we worked number bonds to 10.  We supported our learning by using Numicon to self check our calculations.  Some groups also used Play-Doh to explore all the possible number bonds combinations to 10.  We then enjoyed using our understanding to extend to number bonds to 20.…

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Image of Y1 Self-Portraits
22 January 2020

Y1 Self-Portraits



 This afternoon we learnt about the techniques involved in creating a self-portrait.  We used photos of ourselves to allow us to focus on our features.  Some of the self-portraits still need finishing touches but what a fantastic effort from…

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Image of Y1 Maths
17 January 2020

Y1 Maths


Today we enjoyed working in partners developing our understanding of ‘Tens and Ones’.   We encouraged each other to self check our answers and check for clear digits.  

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