Fencing workshop

Image of Fencing workshop

Today Darren from Fit Fence visited school to give all classes an introduction to fencing in a fun and safe way. The Year 2 children learned the basic skills and techniques using foam swords and masks. They were taught the terminology used in fencing and were introduced to the concepts of…

Physical Education Year 2 Curriculum enrichment

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Halloween in Nursery

Image of Halloween in Nursery

We have loved celebrating Halloween today in Nursery! We came to Nursery dressed in spooky Halloween clothes, we enjoyed playing party games like pass the parcel and musical bumps. We also decorated some ghost biscuits and made some spooky potions. 

Nursery Curriculum enrichment

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Spooktacular Year 3

Image of Spooktacular Year 3

Year 3 looked amazing on Spooky Dress Up Day!

Well done to all children and parents for helping them to look wonderful. 
They enjoyed making their own pumpkin designs, colouring spooky pictures and watching a spooky film.

They also learnt about the history of Halloween and All Saint’s…

Year 3 Curriculum enrichment PSHE

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River Habitat Workshop

Image of River Habitat Workshop

This afternoon Year 2 were visited by Mia from West Cumbria Rivers Trust who delivered a workshop on the river habitat. The children found out about the various animals that live in the River Ehen, River Keekle and Longlands Lake. The children used branching databases to play Who am I? The…

Science Year 2 Curriculum enrichment

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Whinlatter Habitats 2023

Image of Whinlatter Habitats 2023

Year 4 visited Whinlatter Forest Park to explore two different types of habitats (mountain forest and pond habitats) to support their curriculum learning in science. We made lots of observations as we explored the areas. We also had time for some physical activities. A great day out learning about…

Science Year 4 Curriculum enrichment

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Reception pet encounters

Image of Reception pet encounters

Today we had a special visit from Pet encounters who brought some of their lovely animals to see us. There was Henry the Parrrot, a snake, a tarantula, Cheese the mouse and Romeo and Juliet the cockroaches. Lots of children were very brave and held or stroked the animals. What fab visitors to have…

Reception Curriculum enrichment

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Walby Farm Park 2023

Image of Walby Farm Park 2023

Year 4 had a wonderful day at Walby Farm Park to mark the end of their time in Year 4. Lots of fun was had running, climbing, sliding, petting farm animals and even a tractor ride. Most of all, it was a chance to spend some time with their classmates before the summer break. Before it was time to…

Year 4 Curriculum enrichment

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Nursery Outdoor Art

Image of Nursery Outdoor Art

Over the last few weeks in Nursery we have been learning about an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. We have learnt that he used outdoor materials like leaves, pebbles and sticks to create his artwork. We also learnt by looking at pictures of Andy Goldsworthy’s work that he used lots of circular…

Nursery Art Curriculum enrichment

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