Year 1 Visit to Keswick Museum

Image of Year 1 Visit to Keswick Museum

We had so much fun on our wonderful trip to Keswick Museum. We enjoyed our fossil workshop, learning about fossils and the geology of Cumbria. We found out all about the continents millions of years ago and that once Cumbria was in the Southern Hemisphere and was covered in tropical rainforest.…

Science Year 1 History Geography

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The Rum Story

Image of The Rum Story

As part of their history topic, Year 6 have been learning about Britain's connections to the slave trade and the Caribbean and its impact on trade and commerce. The Rum Story tells the story of how Whitehaven was once a bustling seaport connected to the Jefferson-owned estate in Antigua and…

Year 6 History Curriculum enrichment

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Stone Age to Iron age

Image of Stone Age to Iron age

Year 3 had a fantastic time consolidating and learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. They had great fun taking part in axe making, copper art engraving, timeline construction, studying artefacts, Hunter gathering, making fire, examining poo and animal skulls.


Year 3 History Curriculum enrichment

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Celebrating Remembrance Day in Nursery

Image of Celebrating Remembrance Day in Nursery

We have been learning about Remembrance Day, by creating our own poppies. We have learnt that Poppies were the only flower able to grow in all the mud after the fighting.
We have used tweezers and Pom poms to complete a poppy as well as using lots of red materials and paper plates to create a…

Nursery Art History

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Year 2 Fire Station Visit 2023

Image of Year 2 Fire Station Visit 2023

As part of their work on the Great Fire of London, Year 2 went to Whitehaven Fire Station to learn more about the fire, how the fire service was created and what the fire service is like today. Red Watch talked with the children about the Great Fire of London then showed them around the fire…

Year 2 History

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Anglo-Saxon Place Names

Image of Anglo-Saxon Place Names

Year 4 used maps of their local area to search for evidence of Andglo-Saxon settlements. They used an information sheet with place name endings to help them identify which places had a connection with Anglo-Saxon settlements. We found nearly 30 places nearby and noticed that most of them end with…

Year 4 History

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Image of Dancing

Year 4 are enjoying learning different dance moves around their history theme of Anglo-Saxons. They are learning to position their bodies into precise poses then move in a controlled manner before linking all the moves together to the music to create a dance. 

Physical Education Year 4 History

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Y1 History Interview

Image of Y1 History Interview

As part of our history work learning about ‘Shopping in the Past’ Mrs Stead came in to talk to Year 1.  Mr & Mrs Stead owned a shop on Egremont Mainstreet years ago, it sold newspapers, groceries and sweets. Mrs Stead explained that contactless was not invented when she had the shop, so customers…

Year 1 History

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Y6 trip to Egremont Castle

Image of Y6 trip to Egremont Castle

Y6’s history topic this half-term has centred around our local area, specifically Egremont and its significance right back from the 1200s. The children have learned about the history of our little town, the origins of Crab Fair and how and why the castle was built. We went to investigate the ruins…

Year 6 History

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