How we have changed

Image of How we have changed

In Maths we have been learning about time and how time can be measured. We talked about the order of the day and how we sequence time and how things change. We then looked at the changes in ourselves over time and how we are very different to when we were a baby. Some of the children brought in…

Maths Reception

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Year 5 NSPCC Number Day

Image of Year 5 NSPCC Number Day

On Friday we all came to school wearing a number themed outfit to celebrate the NSPCC Number Day. We took part in lots of number based activities including a number trail, playing board games and creating our own board games. We raised £138 which will be donated to the NSPCC to help safeguard…

Maths Latest News Year 5

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NSPCC Number Day in Year 6

Image of NSPCC Number Day in Year 6

Year 6 had lots of fun taking part in different activities related to numbers. They took part in a Number Trail in which they had to utilise as many number skills as they could to create a calculation that equalled the target number. They then played number games with Year 1, supporting the…

Maths Year 6

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Number Day in Year 3

Image of Number Day in Year 3

Year 3 had a great day, looked fantastic in non-uniform and raised money for the NSPCC. During Number Day today we did a Maths Challenge, played games and tested out estimates for how many activities we can do in 1 minute. Shuttles, burpees, lunges, squats, jumps and star jumps.

They were…

Maths Year 3 Curriculum enrichment PSHE

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Number Day in Reception 2024

Image of Number Day in Reception 2024

For Number Day in Reception the children dressed in their own clothes with a number on or number theme. We have been learning about higher and lower numbers and have been playing the game, ‘play your cards right’. We played the game first in teams and then we played boys versus girls. The children…

Maths Reception

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Number Day in Year 1

Image of Number Day in Year 1

Year 1 enjoyed celebrating Number Day to help raise money for the NSPCC.  We had great fun playing Snakes and Ladders with Year 6. We learnt to take turns and count the steps we rolled with the dice. We will definitely play more games together as it was such a success.

Maths Year 1

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Year One Maths

Image of Year One Maths

Year One have been having great fun using the frames to represent numbers and support their Maths work. We love working practically in Maths. 

Maths Year 1

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Exploring Shape

Image of Exploring Shape

Year 2 are currently learning about 2D shapes. Today they have been exploring how to use a ruler to draw shapes then they spent some time exploring how to make shapes using a geoboard on the iPads. They had great fun seeing how many different representations of shapes they could make.


Maths Year 2

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5 currant buns

Image of 5 currant buns

When learning about 1 less in Maths in Reception, the children were learning songs such as 5 currant buns. They made the buns in the play dough and put the cherries on top. They then sang the rhyme together saying what number was 1 less as they took a bun away. 

Maths Reception

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Nursery Maths: Numbers 1-5

Image of Nursery Maths: Numbers 1-5

This week in Nursery we have been practicing our numbers 1-5.
We waited patiently and took it in turns to roll the dice, recognise the number and pick the correct number of bears out of the pot. All of the children were able to recognise the numbers on the dice and count out the bears that they…

Maths Nursery

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