Image of Planting Seeds in Nursery
12 March 2023

Planting Seeds in Nursery

This week in Nursery, we have been planting seeds linked to our topic “How does your garden and it’s creatures grow” and our story “Jaspers Beanstalk”.
We have learnt that a seed needs soil, water and sun to grow. We can’t wait to see how big our plants will grow! 

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Image of Nursery in the Wonder Dome
3 March 2023

Nursery in the Wonder Dome

What a super time have had in the Wonderdome!

We travelled to space and got to learn all about the planets and stars in the solar system. We even got to see what it was like on the moon. We loved that we were surrounded by the stars and planets, it was like we were really in space! 

We also…

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Image of Year 3 World Book Day fun
2 March 2023

Year 3 World Book Day fun

Year 3 had a great time on World Book day: Reading about spies in our class text, Operation Gadgetman, we considered what spies might need in their spy kit. We created wonderful periscopes, thanks to Mrs Williams for providing us with some templates, we had no need to use scissors to cut tough…

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Image of World Book Day in Nursery
2 March 2023

World Book Day in Nursery

What a super day we have had celebrating world book day! We have read our favourite stories and came to Nursery dressed as our favourite characters too! 

We have also had two special treats today! This morning we visited year 3 who read some of their favourite picture books and stories to us…

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Image of Valentines in Nursery
14 February 2023

Valentines in Nursery

This week we have been celebrating valentines in Nursery. We have created our own Valentines cards using heart confetti and a heart shaped hole punch to creat love bugs. We have also been baking some valentines biscuits. We used butter, sugar and flour to create a shortbread dough. We then rolled…

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Image of Throwing  and catching
26 January 2023

Throwing and catching

This week we have been practising our throwing and catching skills. To do this we have been learning how to play the game hot potato. We started with a small circle rolling and gently passing the ball to each other. We have practised so much that we were able to play a huge game of hot potato…

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Image of Celebrating Chinese New Year in Nursery
19 January 2023

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Nursery

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year.

We have been practising some Chinese numbers and symbols in the fine motor area using some paint brushes and we have also had a go at some Chinese New Year themed yoga. We practised moving and being like the different animals who raced…

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Image of Nursery PSHE Autumn Term
10 January 2023

Nursery PSHE Autumn Term

Last term in Nursery we introduced Jigsaw for PSHE. We met our Jigsaw friends Jigsaw Jenie and Jerrie Cat. The first topic we covered was ‘Being me in my world’. We practised the rules and routines, and we have come to really like doing ‘Calm Time’. This is where we sit still and quiet, taking…

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Image of Learning about being kind and unkind
10 January 2023

Learning about being kind and unkind

This week we have been reading ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson. In the story George the giant is kind to everyone he meets, helping them in different ways. We have also been looking at ways in which we are kind in Nursery. Lots of children said that sharing and playing with each…

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Image of Circle Time in Nursery
5 January 2023

Circle Time in Nursery

Our first day back in Nursery and we couldn’t wait to share all the exciting things we had been up to over the Christmas holidays! 

We used talking turtle to help us wait our turn to speak and share. We loved talking to each other about Santa visiting our houses, our favourite presents and all…

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Image of Christmas Jumper Day in Nursery
19 December 2022

Christmas Jumper Day in Nursery

We had lots of fun celebrating Christmas Jumper Day! We all came dressed in our favourite Christmas jumpers; we had a go at designing and colouring our very own Christmas jumper too. We had so much fun doing this we forgot to take some photos. 
We then finished the day with some party games and…

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Image of Nursery Christmas printing
15 December 2022

Nursery Christmas printing

This week in Nursery Christmas has been in full swing. One of our favourite activities we have done was using Lego brick and stickle bricks and paint to print and make Christmas pictures. 

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