Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors

Image of Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors

Year 5 Phunky Foods Ambassadors gave an assembly today all about food waste. We learnt that everyday in the UK we throw away 24 million slices of bread, 5.9 million glasses of milk and 5.8 million potatoes. Our Ambassadors would like us all to try and waste less food by only serving up what we can…

Phunky Foods Year 5

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Phunky Foods 2022

Image of Phunky Foods 2022

Over the last half term we have had a Key Stage 2 group of children take part in Phunky Foods. 

Week 1

We started by making some no bake cereal bars. They include oats/cereal, brown sugar and syrup to bind it all together. The ingredients list was in cups. We looked at a few different…

Phunky Foods

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Phunky Fit

Image of Phunky Fit

We had a great time at Phunky Fit Club today with Harriet from Phunky Foods. We made ‘Broccoli and Pea Salad’ which involved chopping, weighing and measuring out the ingredients. Harriet taught us how to chop safely and we learnt which food groups all the ingredients belong in. We all tasted…

Latest News Phunky Foods

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Phunkyfit Club

Image of Phunkyfit Club

At the final Phunkyfit club for Year 1 and 2 children, we made bagel faces. We found out about the foods we were using and how they are good for us. We chose then cut fruit and vegetables to make the facial features. Finally, we placed them on bagels along with soft cheese to make the faces. They…

Phunky Foods

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Phunky Fit with Year 1

Image of Phunky Fit with Year 1

This week in Phunky Fit club the Year 1 children made an alternative breakfast called Get Up and Go Smoothies. They found out all the different ingredients and why they are good for our bodies.



Phunky Foods

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Phunky Fit with Key Stage 1

Image of Phunky Fit with Key Stage 1

In the first Phunky Fit club the Year 1 and 2 children made fruit and yogurt granola pots. Everyone tried some fruit they were unfamiliar with and decided which fruit they would add to make their pot. The children cut the fruit then topped it with some yogurt and granola. The fruit and yogurt…

Physical Education Phunky Foods

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