Image of Library Visit Y6 21.03.24
21 March 2024

Library Visit Y6 21.03.24

Year 6 went to their local library today to exchange their library books. It was exciting to find books by favourite authors, a book on their favourite topic, discover new authors and a new book series to delve into. 

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Image of Year 2 Bring the Water Cycle to Life
15 March 2024

Year 2 Bring the Water Cycle to Life

Over the past few weeks Year 2 have been reading ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ by Grahame Baker-Smith, in their reading lessons, plus some other texts linked to the water cycle. They used what they had learned to show the water cycle using collage.


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Image of Year 3 visited the library, despite the rain
14 March 2024

Year 3 visited the library, despite the rain

Year 3 enjoyed story time at the library and chose some books to take home. We had a great time and the lady commented on how polite, quiet and well behaved all of our Year 3 children were. We were so proud.

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Image of Sharing a Book on World Book Day Y6 2024
7 March 2024

Sharing a Book on World Book Day Y6 2024

Year 6 enjoyed sharing a book with Year 1 on World Book Day. 

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Image of World Book Day in Year 3
7 March 2024

World Book Day in Year 3

We had a great day today. The children looked amazing. They read our class book, Operation Gadgetman and voted for their top 10 books. After lunch they teamed up with a Reception child to read them a story. They wrote book reviews, made book marks and took part in a live World Book Day lesson. A…

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Image of World Book Day in Reception 2024
7 March 2024

World Book Day in Reception 2024

We celebrated World Book Day in Reception by dressing as our favourite book character or in pjs. The children brought a book to share and we played a game of guess the character by listening to clues from different traditional stories and guessing the correct character or object. In the afternoon…

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Image of World Book Day Y6 2024
7 March 2024

World Book Day Y6 2024

After watching video clips of well-known presenters and actors ‘Bringing Books to Life’ where they shared what they love about their favourite stories, Year 6 worked together to create their very own short video.They considered the use of location, camera angles, images and music to create…

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Image of Library Visit Y5
1 December 2023

Library Visit Y5

Year 5 visited Egremont library yesterday. They returned books they had previously borrowed then browsed the shelves for something new to read. A lot of children chose Christmas books including cookery and craft ones. They learnt the importance of returning a book to the shelf with the spine…

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Image of New Books
19 November 2023

New Books

Our Reading Ambassadors have been busy this week. They were very excited to accept delivery of the new books from each class’ wish list. They organised them into piles then stamped them with the school stamp.

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Image of Books, glorious books!
9 November 2023

Books, glorious books!

Our Reading Ambassadors met with our Head to present the findings from their research about the provision of books in our class libraries throughout school. They were allocated a budget to buy some of the books from the wish list so they took a trip out to our local book shop to buy some new books…

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Image of Pumpkin soup
6 November 2023

Pumpkin soup

After reading the story, ‘Pumpkin Soup’ the children drew their favourite character, either the cat, squirrel or duck. We then talked about what feeling they showed in certain parts of the story, was it angry, sad, happy, excited or scared? The children included this on their picture and then…

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Image of Reading Excitement
31 October 2023

Reading Excitement

A very exciting day! During half term the new ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ was released. Our little bookworm has been counting down the days until it’s release and was very excited to nip into town on release day to buy it. He finished reading the book before he even got back home and has read it…

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