Year 1 Vote

Image of Year 1 Vote

Year 1 enjoyed voting in their first School Election. Those who volunteered to be candidates gave speeches to explain why they would make good councillors. We then held a vote and used an ‘X’ on the voting slips to make our choices. Year 6 helped to organise the voting. The votes were counted and…

School Council Year 1

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Y6 School Council

Image of Y6 School Council

Y6 have been learning about the importance of democracy and local government. Many children in the class campaigned to be members of the school Council with excellent manifestos about how they can improve our school and community. After a very close vote, Riley and Lily were voted in as our new…

School Council Year 6

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School Council Year 5

Image of School Council Year 5

Today the Y5 children voted for who they wanted to represent them as a class on the School Council. The children who wanted to be considered all prepared speeches explaining why they would be good for the job. The two children elected are excited to start their new role. 

School Council Latest News Year 5 PSHE

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School Council Election 2022

Image of School Council Election 2022

The children in school from Y1-Y6 have been learning about the importance of democracy in preparation for our annual School Council election which was held this afternoon. Y6 organised the election and assisted the younger children with patience and care. Well done everyone…..results will be…

School Council Year 6

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Y4 Manifestos

Image of Y4 Manifestos

Year 4 wrote some excellent manifestos in order to gain votes to be on the school council. They included becoming involved in fundraising, always listening and helping when they can. We are looking forward to the results after we have all voted! 

School Council

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