Image of Halloween 2023
31 October 2023

Halloween 2023

Year 4 dressed up for Halloween

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Image of Reading Excitement
31 October 2023

Reading Excitement

A very exciting day! During half term the new ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ was released. Our little bookworm has been counting down the days until it’s release and was very excited to nip into town on release day to buy it. He finished reading the book before he even got back home and has read it…

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Image of Online Identity
30 October 2023

Online Identity

In computing lessons, Year 4 have been learning about online identities. We explored the different messages that are posted and how people respond to messages can create an online identity. We discussed the importance of how we communicate online and how to take care of our own self-image online.…

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Image of Computing ‘Stranger Danger’
30 October 2023

Computing ‘Stranger Danger’

Year 4 have been learning about how to be safe when communicating online, especially with unfamiliar people. They learned all about ‘catfishing’ and ‘grooming’ and about how easy it is to adopt an online identity which is completely different to who you actually are. They then used an…

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Image of Dancing
30 October 2023


Year 4 are enjoying learning different dance moves around their history theme of Anglo-Saxons. They are learning to position their bodies into precise poses then move in a controlled manner before linking all the moves together to the music to create a dance. 

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Image of Ball Skills
20 October 2023

Ball Skills

This half term, Year 4 have been learning ball skills. They have enjoyed putting these into practice playing invasion.

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Image of Sutton Hoo Ship
19 October 2023

Sutton Hoo Ship

Year 4 have been learning about the archeological dig at Sutton Hoo. They were really amazed by the all the artefacts that were found and in particular with the size of the ship and how the Anglo-Saxons managed to bury it underground. We then went outside to recreate the size of the ship. 

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Image of Wasdale Show
15 October 2023

Wasdale Show

A huge well done to our Serena who braved the crisp, cold Autumnal weather at the weekend when she volunteered at the Wasdale Show. She even entered a couple of races; coming second in the Egg and Spoon Race and third in the Sack Race.

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Image of Liturgical Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary 2023
9 October 2023

Liturgical Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary 2023

In honour of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7th, Year 4 have been learning about why and how Christian’s pray the rosary. They have also been learning about the mysteries and how to quietly reflect whilst praying them.

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Image of Whinlatter Habitats 2023
3 October 2023

Whinlatter Habitats 2023

Year 4 visited Whinlatter Forest Park to explore two different types of habitats (mountain forest and pond habitats) to support their curriculum learning in science. We made lots of observations as we explored the areas. We also had time for some physical activities. A great day out learning about…

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Image of Autumn Term Year 4 Library Visit
29 September 2023

Autumn Term Year 4 Library Visit

Year 4 visited their local library today to exchange their library books. We even had time to listen to a story about how a rainbow bird was saved from extinction. 

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Image of Youth Mental Health Day 2023
19 September 2023

Youth Mental Health Day 2023

As part of Youth Mental Health Day, Year 4 have been exploring what it means to be brave. They then shared examples of times when they have had to be brave. 

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