Year 1 at the Pantomime.

Image of Year 1 at the Pantomime.

Year 1 had a great time at the pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ today along with Reception and Year 2. They had fun joining in with the chanting and laughing at all the jokes and unusual costumes. There were lots of happy, smiling faces on the way home.


Year 1 Curriculum enrichment

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Making Soup

Image of Making Soup

As part of their Design and Technology unit, Year 4 have been learning about the differences between processed and home made food. Today they used raw ingredients to make tomato soup. They were very careful to perfect their grating skills. 

Year 4 Design and Technology

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Rivers Field Trip

Image of Rivers Field Trip

Year 4 went to Ennerdale to investigate their local river, the River Ehen. We started with a treasure hunt to find examples of living organisms in a river habitat, with a few challenges thrown in. We then behaved like topographers and used symbols to create our own technical drawing of a section…

Year 4 Geography Curriculum enrichment

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Christmas Storytime and Draw-along Session

Image of Christmas Storytime and Draw-along Session

Today the children joined an online Christmas story time and draw-along with the author and illustrator Nick Sherratt and Pippa Goodhart. They shared their new book ‘You Choose Christmas’ with the children, taking them on an adventure through different Christmas scenes. Afterwards the children…

English Year 2

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Nursery Maths: Numbers 1-5

Image of Nursery Maths: Numbers 1-5

This week in Nursery we have been practicing our numbers 1-5.
We waited patiently and took it in turns to roll the dice, recognise the number and pick the correct number of bears out of the pot. All of the children were able to recognise the numbers on the dice and count out the bears that they…

Maths Nursery

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Library Visit Y5

Image of Library Visit Y5

Year 5 visited Egremont library yesterday. They returned books they had previously borrowed then browsed the shelves for something new to read. A lot of children chose Christmas books including cookery and craft ones. They learnt the importance of returning a book to the shelf with the spine…

Year 5 Reading

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The Zog trail at Whinlatter

Image of The Zog trail at Whinlatter

In Reception we read the story of ‘Zog’ the dragon who wanted to win golden stars from his school for being the best at roaring, flying and breathing fire. We went on a trip to Whinlatter to find Zog in the forest. We found him in the trees and the magic golden stars we found gave us magic…

Reception Curriculum enrichment

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Year 3 asked: Why do we have muscles?

Image of Year 3 asked: Why do we have muscles?

We have been learning all about a healthy lifestyle, food and exercise.  We have studied the 3 main functions of our skeleton, to protect, support and help movement. We now know that we have 3 different types of muscle, they move in different ways and have different function. Some muscles move…

Science Year 3

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Y6 using proportion to create self-portraits

Image of Y6 using proportion to create self-portraits

Year 6 have been learning how to draw self-portraits in their art and design topic of drawing. They learnt how to use their sketching pencils effectively to create cross-hatching to form the illusion of light and shade. They then considered the proportion of their facial features. 

Year 6 Art

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