Science Day in Nursery

Image of Science Day in Nursery

We have loved investigating gloop this week! we have used different amounts of cornstarch and water to creat different gloop textures. Some gloop felt watery and other gloop went very sticky. 

We also had a go at a lava lamp experiment! For this we used oil, water and dropped…

Science Nursery

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World Maths Day in Nursery

Image of World Maths Day in Nursery

We celebrated world maths day with the help of the numberblocks.
We practised our counting skills, counting the objects in the picture, we then used a peg to choose the correct numberblock for the amount.
Our challenge was to try and build the numberblock too! 

Maths Nursery

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Planting Seeds in Nursery

Image of Planting Seeds in Nursery

This week in Nursery, we have been planting seeds linked to our topic “How does your garden and it’s creatures grow” and our story “Jaspers Beanstalk”.
We have learnt that a seed needs soil, water and sun to grow. We can’t wait to see how big our plants will grow! 

Science Nursery

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World Book Day in Nursery

Image of World Book Day in Nursery

What a super day we have had celebrating world book day! We have read our favourite stories and came to Nursery dressed as our favourite characters too! 

We have also had two special treats today! This morning we visited year 3 who read some of their favourite picture books and stories to us…

English Nursery Curriculum enrichment

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Valentines in Nursery

Image of Valentines in Nursery

This week we have been celebrating valentines in Nursery. We have created our own Valentines cards using heart confetti and a heart shaped hole punch to creat love bugs. We have also been baking some valentines biscuits. We used butter, sugar and flour to create a shortbread dough. We then rolled…


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Throwing and catching

Image of Throwing  and catching

This week we have been practising our throwing and catching skills. To do this we have been learning how to play the game hot potato. We started with a small circle rolling and gently passing the ball to each other. We have practised so much that we were able to play a huge game of hot potato…

Physical Education Nursery

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Nursery: Exploring the Winter season

Image of Nursery: Exploring the Winter season

Today we have been learning about the season of Winter. 
We were very lucky that the kitchen gave us some dairy free cream that we used in the tuff tray to make some snow. 
We were able to feel and taste the cream, while learning about which animals like the cold weather. We also talked about…


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Nursery - What’s your favourite tale?

Image of Nursery - What’s your favourite tale?

This half term our topic has been ‘Whats your favourite tale?’. 

We have loved reading lots of stories and exploring different fairytales using puppets. We have been through forests and up beanstalks to lands far away. Our top picks have been ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘The Gingerbread Man’, ‘The…


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Nursery fun in the rain

Image of Nursery fun in the rain

Last week’s bad weather didn’t stop us in Nursery! 
We suited up, put our wellies on and had lots of fun racing through puddles, jumping in muddy puddles, dancing in the rain and catching rain drops.


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Nursery Fun Day 2022

Image of Nursery Fun Day 2022

Nursery Fun Day and what a jam packed day we have had! 

We started with pass the parcel, we then took it in turns going on the bouncy castle and getting some summer themed tattoos. Before we knew it the ice cream van had arrived with a cold treat for us. (We didn’t get any photos of these as…


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