Year 3 Internet Safety Day

Image of Year 3 Internet Safety Day

Year 3 learnt all about AI, artificial intelligence. Where we use it in our everyday life, without even realising it!! When we use our phone, in our car, using Alexa, taking photos, using an internet search and so on. We created a poster to illustrate the opportunities and risks of using AI in our…

Computing Year 3 PSHE

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Safer internet day Reception

Image of Safer internet day Reception

In Reception we read the story, ‘Chicken clicking’ about a chick who spends all the farmer’s money without his permission online and then goes to meet someone they don’t know and have met online. We talked about the rules of being safe online and what we should do in certain situations and that we…

Computing Reception

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Y1 Safer Internet Day

Image of Y1 Safer Internet Day

Year 1 celebrated Safer Internet Day by sharing what they know about being safe online. We used talk partners to discuss what to do if we see something unsafe.  We reinforced ‘Stop, close, tell’.  We reviewed who our trusted adults are in school and at home.  We shared the story ‘Chicken Clicking’…

Computing Year 1

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Safer Internet Day 2024 Year 5

Image of Safer Internet Day 2024 Year 5

In Year 5 we discussed the importance of keeping ourselves safe online. We enjoyed discussing what we would like our online lives to be like . We thought it should be safe, fun, educational, appropriate, sociable and true to its word. We were all aware that not everything we read online is true…

Computing Latest News Year 5

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Safer Internet Day -Y6

Image of Safer Internet Day -Y6

For Safer Internet Day, Year 6 discussed Artificial Intelligence technologies. After naming the wide range of AI they already use, they explored the positive and negative impact of evolving technologies on our everyday lives, including safeguarding concerns, and how it might impact on human…

Computing Year 6

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Safer Internet Day - AI

Safer Internet Day - AI

For Safer Internet Day Year 4 researched Artificial Intelligence . They discussed the pros and cons, e.g. enhanced learning opportunities, instant and efficient, limited human interaction and the collection of personal data to name a few. There were mixed reviews! They collated their findings and…

Computing Year 4

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Safer Internet Day 2024 in Year 2

Image of Safer Internet Day 2024 in Year 2

This year for Safer Internet Day Year 2 found out about Artificial Intelligence and explored images generated by AI. They looked at the pros and cons of images generated then created their own images of squibbles (imaginary creatures). The children worked to given criteria and compared their work…

Computing Year 2

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Coding with Variables

Image of Coding with Variables

Year 2 used what they learnt about variables in their previous computing lesson to program variables in a coding app. The children had to input algorithms to make a monster move as well as inputting variables to change the score each time the monster collected a gem. How proud they all were when…

Computing Year 2

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Exploring Variables in Y2 Computing

Image of Exploring Variables in Y2 Computing

Year 2 started their coding unit by exploring the concept of  variables. They worked in small groups to test a number of materials to see if they float or sink. They used what they had observed to input the data in to the variables record sheet.


Computing Year 2

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Anti Bullying Week 2023

Image of Anti Bullying Week 2023

In P.S.H.E. this week the Year 2 children have been exploring what bullying is and the feelings relating to it. Later in the week during their computing lesson they explored what online bullying is and what they could do if they are bullied. They created supportive sunflowers showing the people…

Computing Year 2 PSHE

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