Rivers Field Trip

Image of Rivers Field Trip

Year 4 went to Ennerdale to investigate their local river, the River Ehen. We started with a treasure hunt to find examples of living organisms in a river habitat, with a few challenges thrown in. We then behaved like topographers and used symbols to create our own technical drawing of a section…

Year 4 Geography Curriculum enrichment

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Rivers Workshop pt2

Image of Rivers Workshop pt2

This afternoon, we learned more about the river as a habitat and played a game using a key to help us guess the animal. We then examined what a river needs to be healthy and what causes it to be unhealthy; we became conservationists and rangers, discussing ways to solve problems. Finally, we used…

Year 4 Geography Curriculum enrichment

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Rivers Workshop pt1

Image of Rivers Workshop pt1

We have had a great morning using our knowledge and vocabulary about rivers in various activities and learned new facts. We built a river using objects in the classroom and labelled it, we used a map of our local area to find nearby rivers and other river environment features and we got to handle…

Year 4 Geography Curriculum enrichment

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Autumn crafting in Reception

Image of Autumn crafting in Reception

This half term in Reception we have been learning about the season of Autumn. The children brought in lots of Autumn things they had found at home such as leaves, conkers, acorns and pine cones and it was set up in a messy tray for children to explore using magnifying glasses. The children also…

Science Reception Geography

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Image of Climatologists

As part of their geography topic ‘Map Skills’, Year 4 have been learning about the different climates around the world. They have been using maps in an atlas and online to investigate the range of environmental regions and how this impacts habitation. They have been thinking about which climate…

Year 4 Geography

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Year 5 Orienteering

Image of Year 5 Orienteering

Year 5 went to Muncaster Castle to practice their orienteering skills and reading Ordnance Survey maps. They had to follow the map to certain points then find the hidden letter. They used their knowledge of Ordnance survey map symbols to help them. We also had time for some fun on the play parks! 

Year 5 Geography

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Y6 Orienteeering at Muncaster

Image of Y6 Orienteeering at Muncaster

Year 6 travelled to Muncaster to refine their OS map reading skills and have a go at orienteering. They had to follow a route on an orienteering map to find 16 different checkpoints. Each checkpoint had a code which they needed to record on a special sheet. The children were very good at…

Year 6 Geography

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