Y6 Orienteeering at Muncaster

Image of Y6 Orienteeering at Muncaster

Year 6 travelled to Muncaster to refine their OS map reading skills and have a go at orienteering. They had to follow a route on an orienteering map to find 16 different checkpoints. Each checkpoint had a code which they needed to record on a special sheet. The children were very good at…

Year 6 Geography

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Climate Zones

Image of Climate Zones

Year 4 have been learning how to use lines of latitude to determine the climate of a region. They used an atlas to find at leat one country in each different climate zone. 

Year 4 Geography

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Wild Rivers 2022 pt3

Image of Wild Rivers 2022 pt3

This afternoon, Year 4 used natural resources to design and build their own river course. They used their knowledge about the features of rivers and their understanding of the delicate biodiversity of river environments in their construction. Throughout the activity, the children used lots of…

Year 4 Geography

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Wild Rivers 2022 pt1

Image of Wild Rivers 2022 pt1

Year 4 explored the river environment this morning. Each group was given a range of natural items to locate which they had to photograph. In their search, they had to use their knowledge of habitats and living organisms. 

Science Year 4 Geography

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