Image of Our Reception year
22 July 2024

Our Reception year

Look how much our Reception children have grown in a year from their first week in Reception to their last. Good Luck in Year 1!


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Image of Reception end of year fun at Walby Farm park
15 July 2024

Reception end of year fun at Walby Farm park

Reception had a fun day on our trip to Walby Farm park. We played on the indoor wooden castle, firing balls out of canons and sliding down slides, played in the indoor ball pit, go karting, sledging and even trampolining. We also got to see some animals on our tractor ride and in the barn. What a…

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Image of Number bonds to 10 in Reception
13 July 2024

Number bonds to 10 in Reception

Reception have been recapping on all our Maths learning from this year. One area we have particularly focused on this term is number bonds to 10. The children created their own number bonds using cards, including using the add and equals sign. Great Mathematicians in Reception!

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Image of Move up Day to Reception 2024
3 July 2024

Move up Day to Reception 2024

Our Nursery children enjoyed a ‘move up day’ into Reception. We read some stories, made pirate hats and drew self portraits and explored the provision. We had lots of fun getting to know Mrs Palmer, Mrs Bear and Mrs Leslie. 

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Image of Moving up to Year 1
3 July 2024

Moving up to Year 1

Reception had a fantastic morning in Year 1. They enjoyed meeting Mrs Bond, Mrs Robson and Mrs Benn. They had a great time exploring the classroom and getting to know their new teachers. 

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Image of Small world structures
27 June 2024

Small world structures

In Maths this week we have been continuing our work on positional language and giving directions. The children made their own small world structure and added people and animals. They then sat on either side of the structure, picked a character and told their partner where it was using positional…

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Image of Bees in the trees EYFS
21 June 2024

Bees in the trees EYFS

We had a visit from ‘Bees in the trees’ for Reception and Nursery. The beekeeper taught us all about drone bees, worker bees and the queen bee. The children learnt all about larva and pupa and how the eggs develop. We then looked at what bees eat and the children got close up view of the bees. 

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Image of Starting transitions in Reception
15 June 2024

Starting transitions in Reception

As the end of the Summer Term approaches we have started our transitions from Nursery to Reception. Nursery came for a visit to Reception and played in our indoor and outdoor provision. We also had our Reception children model how to play with equipment and show them around the classroom. Lots…

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Image of Reception and Nursery’s Sports Day 2024
14 June 2024

Reception and Nursery’s Sports Day 2024

Reception and Nursery took part in Sports Day with luckily no rain! They all took part in a running, jumping, backwards, climbing through hoops and egg and spoon race. They were all dressed in their team colours of green, blue, red or yellow. Everyone had a great time and showed great team spirit.…

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Image of Nursery and Reception 2024 Sports Day
14 June 2024

Nursery and Reception 2024 Sports Day

What a super morning we have had for Sports Day. The children waited their turn very patiently before having a go at all the races.

The children, ran, jumped, ran backwards, went through hoops and had a go at the egg and spoon race! 

Well done everyone! 

Our younger Nursery children loved…

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Image of Repeating patterns in Reception
13 June 2024

Repeating patterns in Reception

In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns and if you make it a repeating pattern it has to have a rule. This included using two, three or four colours to create an AB, AABB or ABC pattern. The children were great at making the pattern repeat many times and added more colours as a…

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Image of Reception St Bee’s trip 2024
7 June 2024

Reception St Bee’s trip 2024

Reception started our topic of ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by going on a trip to St Bee’s beach. We explored the beach looking for crabs, pebbles and shells. We even found some crab legs! The children had fun climbing on the rocks, looking in rock pools and splashing in the waves. We then had an ice…

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