‘My Voice Matters’ Year 1 make worry dolls

Image of ‘My Voice Matters’ Year 1 make worry dolls

As part of our learning during Children’s Mental Health Week Year 1 made their own worry dolls. The theme of Mental Health Week was ‘My Voice Matters’. We shared together that all our feelings matter. We role played how to share our worries and to talk to our friends and trusted adults. We created…

Year 1 PSHE

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Y1 Safer Internet Day

Image of Y1 Safer Internet Day

Year 1 celebrated Safer Internet Day by sharing what they know about being safe online. We used talk partners to discuss what to do if we see something unsafe.  We reinforced ‘Stop, close, tell’.  We reviewed who our trusted adults are in school and at home.  We shared the story ‘Chicken Clicking’…

Computing Year 1

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Year 1 Visit Egremont Library

Image of Year 1 Visit Egremont Library

Today Year 1 enjoyed visiting Egremont Library. We explored all the non-fiction and fiction sections. We also found out that some people visit the Library to use computers. We shared books together and then enjoyed a whole class story of ‘Slinky Malinki’ by Lynley Dodd. Tracey the Librarian made…

English Year 1 Curriculum enrichment

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Number Day in Year 1

Image of Number Day in Year 1

Year 1 enjoyed celebrating Number Day to help raise money for the NSPCC.  We had great fun playing Snakes and Ladders with Year 6. We learnt to take turns and count the steps we rolled with the dice. We will definitely play more games together as it was such a success.

Maths Year 1

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Celebrating St.Bridget’s Day

Image of Celebrating St.Bridget’s Day

Year 1 enjoyed celebrating St. Bridget’s Day. We enjoyed going to Mass and then sharing the story of St. Bridget. We wrote about what makes St. Bridget special.  In the afternoon we made our own St. Bridget’s crosses using art straws, we used textiles to create a collage of St. Bridget’s cloak and…

Religious Education Year 1

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All aboard the Book Bus!

Image of All aboard the Book Bus!

Year 1 had a magical time on the Book Bus. They were amazed how many books were inside. Claire the Librarian showed us around.  We all chose a book to bring into class.  We will enjoy sharing our books together.  Year 1 definitely agree that Claire has an amazing job driving a Book Bus. 

English Year 1

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Year 1 Visit to Keswick Museum

Image of Year 1 Visit to Keswick Museum

We had so much fun on our wonderful trip to Keswick Museum. We enjoyed our fossil workshop, learning about fossils and the geology of Cumbria. We found out all about the continents millions of years ago and that once Cumbria was in the Southern Hemisphere and was covered in tropical rainforest.…

Science Year 1 History Geography

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Learning About Our Parish Family

Image of Learning About Our Parish Family

Today Year 1 welcomed Mrs O’Neil into class. Mrs O’Neil is a cleaner in our school and is also an aunt of one of the children in the class.  In R.E. we are learning about who is in our parish family and the roles people play. Mrs O’Neil explained the difference between doing a paid job and job…

Religious Education Year 1

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Year One Maths

Image of Year One Maths

Year One have been having great fun using the frames to represent numbers and support their Maths work. We love working practically in Maths. 

Maths Year 1

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Super Structures in Year 1

Image of Super Structures in Year 1

Year 1 are exploring structures this term. We are working to answer ‘How can you stop a tower from toppling over?’  We are investigating what needs to be in place so that a structure can remain standing on its own. We created some freestanding structures using different materials to explore and…

Latest News Year 1 Design and Technology

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Y1 Epiphany Crowns

Image of Y1 Epiphany Crowns

Year 1 learnt about the Epiphany. They found out that this is also known as the Three Kings Day.  It is a Christian feast day which falls on the 6th January. It is a special day when people celebrate how a star led the Three Kings (Wise Men) to visit the baby Jesus after he had been born.  After…

Religious Education Latest News Year 1

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