Image of Crudités Chefs
2 May 2024

Crudités Chefs

Year 1 tackled making crudités with peppers, cucumber and carrots. They developed their knife skills by learning how to use the claw and bridge technique to keep fingers safe. To compliment the crudités, they made a simple tzatziki dip by using Greek yoghurt, mint and cucumber. Year 1 recapped how…

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Image of Year 1 Chefs make ‘Rainbow Wraps’
26 April 2024

Year 1 Chefs make ‘Rainbow Wraps’

Year 1 are learning about food and nutrition in Design and Technology. By making ‘Rainbow Wraps’, they explored the sensory qualities of food. They were given the opportunity to experiment with new flavours and textures. Year 1 were taught the culinary skills of using a grater and ‘ribboning’ by…

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Making bread for St Joseph’s Day
14 March 2024

Making bread for St Joseph’s Day

Year 4 made bread today - this links to our work on St Joseph’s Day and the symbolism of the different shapes of bread. The children worked as a team to design and make their own bread. 

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Image of Hammer and nail skills
7 March 2024

Hammer and nail skills

In Reception we have been learning how to use a hammer and nails safely. The children put on their safety clothes such as a hat, googles and vest. They then learnt how to hold the nail correctly and hit it with the hammer without hitting their finger. Lots of construction workers in the…

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Year 4 Sewing
28 February 2024

Year 4 Sewing

Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been extremely busy sewing. They have investigated a variety of fastenings such as press studs, buttons and velcro. They have refined their skills and created their own fastening for a tea towel using a button. They were all a great success and the children are…

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Image of Making Healthy Crisps
27 February 2024

Making Healthy Crisps

Year 2 have been learning about what it means to be healthy. In a previous lesson the children carried out a survey about the favourite crisp flavours of the class. They also learned about how crisps are made and the healthy alternatives that could be used to make them. Today the children used…

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Image of How Strong is a Piece of Spaghetti?
9 February 2024

How Strong is a Piece of Spaghetti?


As part of their Design and Technology, Year 6 have been learning about how structures are strengthened and stabilised using a guyed mast and flying buttress. They then used their knowledge to design and create their own structure using spaghetti and marshmallows. They had to consider…

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Image of Sturdy Structures
25 January 2024

Sturdy Structures

As part of their Design and Technology topic about structures, Year 6 experimented with spaghetti to test the strength of structures. By trial and error they found ways to make a sturdy structure that could withstand the weight of objects.  

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Image of Making Healthy Jam Jar Salads
19 January 2024

Making Healthy Jam Jar Salads

In Design Technology Year 2 have been learning about the difference between processed and unprocessed foods. They found out that fruit and vegetables are unprocessed and give use nutrients to help us stay healthy. The children enjoyed learning how to use the claw and bridge grip to cut vegetables…

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Image of Super Structures in Year 1
12 January 2024

Super Structures in Year 1

Year 1 are exploring structures this term. We are working to answer ‘How can you stop a tower from toppling over?’  We are investigating what needs to be in place so that a structure can remain standing on its own. We created some freestanding structures using different materials to explore and…

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Image of Rockets from outer Space
11 January 2024

Rockets from outer Space

In Reception the children have been making rockets using different 3D shapes and joining them together. We talked about what things we might see in space and how a rocket would get there. We have been reading the story, William Bee’s Wonderful world of things that go! We looked at how a space…

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Image of Forest School Mini Christmas Trees
8 January 2024

Forest School Mini Christmas Trees

At Forest School Y5 made mini Christmas Trees. They found a branch from a hazel wood tree and sawed off a small amount of wood. They used a knife to strip off the bark then whittled the wood into a pointy shape. After this they carved in a pattern and made a leafy texture. Finally, they decorated…

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