Image of Making jam jar salad
10 January 2023

Making jam jar salad

In design technology the Year 2 children have been thinking about what being healthy means. They learned about  the difference between processed and unprocessed foods and which is healthier for us. They also found out that fruit and vegetables provide us with nutrients to help us stay healthy. The…

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Image of Food and Nutrition
8 December 2022

Food and Nutrition

What’s really in your food?

Year 4 are well on their way to being chefs now! Today they compared the ingredients of tinned and homemade soup then made their own tomato soup.


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Image of Nursery Christmas Ginger Biscuits
6 December 2022

Nursery Christmas Ginger Biscuits

This afternoon Nursery have enjoyed baking and decorating some Christmas ginger biscuits. We put golden syrup, egg yolk, dairy free butter and some biscuit mix into a bowl and mixed it all together. They baked in the oven for 15 minutes.
Once ready, we let them cool down. We then decorated the…

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Image of The Gingerbread man
5 December 2022

The Gingerbread man

In Reception we read the story of the Gingerbread man during our topic, 'Once upon a time'. The children retold the story, acted it out and we then made our own gingerbread man. These ones had no chance to run away though as the children had eaten them all up!


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Image of Y6 make samosas in Design and Technology
14 November 2022

Y6 make samosas in Design and Technology

Y6 finished their learning about Street Foods from different cultures by making vegetable samosas. They used a range of important skills to perform this task including chopping, dicing, peeling and folding the delicate pastry into triangles with the vegetable filling tucked neatly inside. Everyone…

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Image of Year 5 Design and Technology
11 November 2022

Year 5 Design and Technology

Year 5 have enjoyed making flatbread and Smorrebrod in design and technology. They learnt that Smorrebrod is a type of Danish open sandwich made on rye bread with a variety of toppings in order to provide you with lots of nutrients. 

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Image of Y6 D&T Pitta Bread Making
6 November 2022

Y6 D&T Pitta Bread Making

Year 6 are enjoying their current Design and Technology theme of “Can Street Foods Save Us?” This week they made pitta bread to try with hummus. They learned the skills of kneading and stretching the dough to develop the gluten in the flour. They also considered why yeast is such an important…

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Image of Mexican Burritos in D&T
21 October 2022

Mexican Burritos in D&T

As part of our D&T unit on exploring foods from other cultures, Y6 were asked the question: ‘Can street foods save us?’ They talked about what good nutrition looked like and analysed whether their favourite snacks were healthy or not. We agreed that everything is fine in moderation! They used…

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Image of Phunky foods after school club KS2
16 October 2022

Phunky foods after school club KS2

This half term Phunky foods club has been for our KS2 children. We have made oaty biscuits, bread, tortilla pizzas, granola fruit salad and even chocolate muffins. We spoke about healthy options and the importance of exercise too. The children learnt new skills such as cutting with a knife,…

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Image of Making Jam Jar Salad
24 June 2022

Making Jam Jar Salad

This morning the Year 2 children learned the difference between processed and unprocessed foods. They found out about the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables too. Then they learned how to use the clawing and bridging techniques to prepare vegetables for their jam jar salads. What a  delicious…

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Image of Textiles Project
7 June 2022

Textiles Project

The final part of our Design and Technology project was to use their new sewing skills and knowledge to solve the problem of how to stop a tea-towel from slipping off a hook. They used a template and different sewing techniques to make a hanger for a tea towel. 

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Image of Creating Waterproof Hats
25 April 2022

Creating Waterproof Hats

Over the past few weeks Year 2 have been looking at what ‘waterproof’ means and have investigated which materials are waterproof. They were posed the questioned ‘How can you make a hat waterproof?’ The children’s final investigation was to find out which substances when added to paper made the…

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