Image of Biomes in Year 5
17 March 2022

Biomes in Year 5

Year 5 designed and made biome dioramas. We have been studying the world’s biomes and we used our knowledge to create them. 

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Image of Reception’s animal homes
17 March 2022

Reception’s animal homes

We have been learning about the topic, ‘Animals big and small’ in Reception. The children designed and made their own animal homes using different construction materials. We have been learning about different animals habitats and the different countries that animals live in. 

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Image of Year 5 Science Week
17 March 2022

Year 5 Science Week

Year 5 have been learning about what STEM stands for and jobs that involve using these subjects. We were very lucky to receive an Innovabox from some nuclear graduates who created this activity box to promote an awareness of STEM in schools. One of the activities was to challenge us to create a…

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Image of D&T in Reception 2022
4 March 2022

D&T in Reception 2022

In D&T this week we have been learning how to safely use a hammer and nails and some pliers. The children all wore safety glasses and jackets. We learnt how to hold a nail correctly when using a hammer and how to pull a nail out using pliers. I think we definitely have some future builders! 

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Image of Our clay aliens
30 January 2022

Our clay aliens

Our topic in Reception at the moment is Space. We have been making rockets and tissue paper planets and we made our own aliens out of the clay. The children rolled the clay and then used their hands and mark making tools to make their aliens. We left them to air dry and then painted them our…

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Image of Year 1 The Gingerbread Man
21 January 2022

Year 1 The Gingerbread Man

Year 1 have enjoyed a wonderful week making their own Gingerbread biscuits.  In English we have been studying the Gingerbread Man as a traditional tale.  We have used Talk for Writing to immerse ourselves in the story.  We have created story maps, sequenced the story, written instructions for…

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Image of Super potato and friends
26 November 2021

Super potato and friends

In Reception we have been reading the story of Supertato and his other adventures. The children have been drawing and labelling their own characters and we then got to make them with real vegetables. Super veggies to the rescue! 

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Image of Healthy D.T.
13 July 2021

Healthy D.T.

The Year 2 have been learning about what makes a healthy sandwich or wrap. They planned their own healthy sandwiches and wraps. They finally got to make them using their cutting skills. The children throughly enjoyed eating them afterwards.


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Image of D&T day in Nursery
13 July 2021

D&T day in Nursery

For D&T day in Nursery the children made vehicles out of recycled materials such as cars, trains and London buses. 

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Image of Y6 Trashion Show
9 July 2021

Y6 Trashion Show

Y6 enjoyed a design and technology day creating “fashion” from recyclable items. The theme was “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and they certainly did that. Working in small teams, they created a selection of weird and wonderful items of clothing and showed their designs off on the cat-walk. 

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Image of Design Technology Day in Year 2
25 June 2021

Design Technology Day in Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about the history of puppets in preparation for designing and making marionette puppets. The children thoroughly enjoyed the making process and are very proud of their final creations. The children found out that puppets have been used to entertain people for thousands of…

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Image of Year 3 are busy looking after the birds
14 May 2021

Year 3 are busy looking after the birds

On Friday, we all enjoyed making Cheerio bird feeders. Hope they got home unnibbled!

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