Year 5 World Book Day 2021

Image of Year 5 World Book Day 2021

In Year 5 we celebrated World Book day by showing our favourite book and explaining why we enjoyed it both in class and on zoom. We designed our own board games based around a book and had great fun playing them afterwards. We also got creative and designed characters from a book out of a potato.…

English Maths Home Learning

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World Book Day in Y4

Image of World Book Day in Y4

Year 4 enjoyed immersing themselves in the wonderful world of books today. They watched and listened to well known authors in a live broadcast, listened to the very first World Book Day Rap and tried to spot all the books that were referred to, they enjoyed sharing a book with someone, they wrote…

English Year 4 Home Learning

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Y1 The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Image of Y1 The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Year 1 have enjoyed reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.  We have created story maps by drawing, using drama and with even some help from our pets.  We have learnt about the history of tea and also where in the world tea comes from.  Year 1 are now experts at making a proper cuppa. It…

English Year 1 Reading Home Learning

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Lenten Leaves Y5

Image of Lenten Leaves Y5

As part of their work on Lent year 5 thought about something they have done that they were sorry for and wrote it down on one side of the leaf. When they had finished they turned the leaf over and wrote about something good they could do for Lent. In taking part in this activity they turned over a…

Religious Education HRSE Home Learning

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Electrical Circuits

Image of Electrical Circuits

⚡️ ⚡️ Year 4 have been learning about electricity. ⚡️⚡️
They have learned all about how electricity is generated, including sustainable sources, and what is is used for. They have drawn diagrams to illustrate how to create an electrical circuit using symbols and scientific vocabulary. They have…

Science Year 4 Home Learning

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Lent in Year 2

Image of Lent in Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about how Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 40 days. They found out about the significance of the ashes being placed on the forehead and what Christians do during the period of Lent to prepare for Easter. The children made posters to tell others what Christians…

Religious Education Year 2 Home Learning

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Movement in Art

Image of Movement in Art

Year 4 observed artist Paula Reno created the illusion of movement in her painting ‘The Dance’. We looked at the use of colour and shape to create the illusion of movement in the skirts and the delicate placement of the dancers’ hands. We then applied these to draw our own sketches of a dancer. 

Year 4 Art Home Learning

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Y1 Kindness Challenge

Image of Y1 Kindness Challenge

Year One are taking part in a Kindness Challenge during Lent.  We have decided to try to help others during this time.   The children have created jars or envelopes to put all their acts of kindness into.  When Lent is over they will be able to look back to see just how kind they have been.  We…

Religious Education Year 1 HRSE Home Learning

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