What is Shabbat?

Image of What is Shabbat?

Year 2 have been learning about the Jewish day of rest called Shabbat. They found out about how Jews prepare for Shabbat each week and what happens during Shabbat. The children tasted bread that is very similar to Challah bread and used their senses to write poems relating to what Jews would…

Religious Education Year 2 Other Cultures

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Reception visiting church

Image of Reception visiting church

In Reception we have been learning about different religions and places of worship. We looked at pictures of a church and the features they have inside and outside. We then went on a tour of our church next door, St Mary’s to look around inside. We looked at the statues, altar and big windows and…

Religious Education Reception

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Celebrating St.Bridget’s Day

Image of Celebrating St.Bridget’s Day

Year 1 enjoyed celebrating St. Bridget’s Day. We enjoyed going to Mass and then sharing the story of St. Bridget. We wrote about what makes St. Bridget special.  In the afternoon we made our own St. Bridget’s crosses using art straws, we used textiles to create a collage of St. Bridget’s cloak and…

Religious Education Year 1

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St Bridget’s Day 2024 in Year 2

Image of St Bridget’s Day 2024 in Year 2

The children began the day by attending a whole school Mass at St Mary’s Church. Later in the day they learned about who St Bridget was and the story behind the St Bridget’s cross. The children found out about how the cross is hung on the doors of houses to protect them and the people who enter…

Religious Education Year 2

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Learning About Our Parish Family

Image of Learning About Our Parish Family

Today Year 1 welcomed Mrs O’Neil into class. Mrs O’Neil is a cleaner in our school and is also an aunt of one of the children in the class.  In R.E. we are learning about who is in our parish family and the roles people play. Mrs O’Neil explained the difference between doing a paid job and job…

Religious Education Year 1

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Books! Glorious Books!

Image of Books! Glorious Books!

During R.E., Year 6 discussed the significance of books in our lives now and in the past, how this has evolved and what it might look like in the future. They identified the wide range of types of books available and the different reasons some books are precious. They enjoyed reminiscing about…

Religious Education Year 6

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