Celebrating Chinese New Year in Nursery

Image of Celebrating Chinese New Year in Nursery

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. 
We know that this year is the year of the dragon, and to decide this there was ‘The Great Race’ between the animals. 
To celebrate we have been creating our very own dragon pictures, uncovering different Chinese symbols and having a go…


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Henri Matisse Art in Reception

Image of Henri Matisse Art in Reception

In Reception we were learning about the life of the famous artist Henri Matisse. The children then created their own art work using their imagination linked to this week’s story of ‘The Wonder’. They created some fabulous art using all their own ideas. 

Reception Art

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Nursery: ‘Tiddler’

Image of Nursery: ‘Tiddler’

Last week our Nursery children enjoyed reading the story ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson, as part of our ‘All about Julia’ topic. 

They loved exploring the ‘Tiddler’ inspired messy tray, looking for the sea creatures from the story in the jelly. 

Other children enjoyed creating some tangram…

English Nursery Art Curriculum enrichment

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Rockets from outer Space

Image of Rockets from outer Space

In Reception the children have been making rockets using different 3D shapes and joining them together. We talked about what things we might see in space and how a rocket would get there. We have been reading the story, William Bee’s Wonderful world of things that go! We looked at how a space…

Reception Design and Technology Art

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Calendars in the style of Hundertwasser

Image of Calendars in the style of Hundertwasser

Year 5 have been studying the artist Hundertwasser and how he created abstract paintings. They learnt that abstract painting is to represent people or things not in a realistic way but to express their ideas about them in their own way. Using this method they created their own Hundertwasser…

Year 5 Art

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Self portraits in Reception

Image of Self portraits in Reception

Each term our children draw their own self portraits. We then display them on top of their old one in class to show how much progress they make each term. The children draw their features such as eyes, hair, ears and teeth. 

Reception Art

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Y6 using proportion to create self-portraits

Image of Y6 using proportion to create self-portraits

Year 6 have been learning how to draw self-portraits in their art and design topic of drawing. They learnt how to use their sketching pencils effectively to create cross-hatching to form the illusion of light and shade. They then considered the proportion of their facial features. 

Year 6 Art

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Using Nature in Art

Image of Using Nature in Art

Year 4 have been using nature to create works of art. They have been using their observation skills to examine contour lines and patterns in nature. They collected leaves from Whinlatter Forest and their local environment. They created rubbings of leaves using wax crayons and observed the lines…

Year 4 Art

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Celebrating Remembrance Day in Nursery

Image of Celebrating Remembrance Day in Nursery

We have been learning about Remembrance Day, by creating our own poppies. We have learnt that Poppies were the only flower able to grow in all the mud after the fighting.
We have used tweezers and Pom poms to complete a poppy as well as using lots of red materials and paper plates to create a…

Nursery Art History

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Nursery: The Dot

Image of Nursery: The Dot

This week our older children have been reading the story - The Dot. In the story we met a little girl called Vashti who thought she couldn’t do any art. By the end of the story she discovered that she could, all she had to do was make a mark - a dot. 
We were feeling inspired by Vashti and…

English Nursery Art

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Lowry Art Workshop in Year 5

Image of Lowry Art Workshop in Year 5

This morning Y5 took part in a Lowry Art Workshop. They learnt about the artist Lowry and how he liked to paint industrial scenes of towns in the north of England including his home town Manchester. The children have made a diorama of the painting ‘Going to Work - 1943’. This will be on display in…

Year 5 Art

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Learning about the seasons in Nursery

Image of Learning about the seasons in Nursery

This week we have been learning about the different seasons. 
We started with a sorting activity of the different seasons. Sorting the different weather, plants, animals and activities you could do for each season. 
We discussed how the leaves on the trees change as the seasons change. We then…

Science Nursery Art

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