Image of Celebrating Remembrance Day in Nursery
14 November 2023

Celebrating Remembrance Day in Nursery

We have been learning about Remembrance Day, by creating our own poppies. We have learnt that Poppies were the only flower able to grow in all the mud after the fighting.
We have used tweezers and Pom poms to complete a poppy as well as using lots of red materials and paper plates to create a…

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Image of Nursery: The Dot
10 November 2023

Nursery: The Dot

This week our older children have been reading the story - The Dot. In the story we met a little girl called Vashti who thought she couldn’t do any art. By the end of the story she discovered that she could, all she had to do was make a mark - a dot. 
We were feeling inspired by Vashti and…

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Image of Lowry Art Workshop in Year 5
8 November 2023

Lowry Art Workshop in Year 5

This morning Y5 took part in a Lowry Art Workshop. They learnt about the artist Lowry and how he liked to paint industrial scenes of towns in the north of England including his home town Manchester. The children have made a diorama of the painting ‘Going to Work - 1943’. This will be on display in…

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Image of Learning about the seasons in Nursery
13 October 2023

Learning about the seasons in Nursery

This week we have been learning about the different seasons. 
We started with a sorting activity of the different seasons. Sorting the different weather, plants, animals and activities you could do for each season. 
We discussed how the leaves on the trees change as the seasons change. We then…

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Image of Y5 Artist
15 September 2023

Y5 Artist

A huge congratulations to Faith who came 2nd place in a competition run by the Harbour Commission. She painted this amazing picture of Stella the seal. We are very impressed and so proud of her!

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Image of Nursery Outdoor Art
14 July 2023

Nursery Outdoor Art

Over the last few weeks in Nursery we have been learning about an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. We have learnt that he used outdoor materials like leaves, pebbles and sticks to create his artwork. We also learnt by looking at pictures of Andy Goldsworthy’s work that he used lots of circular…

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Image of Y6 Art inspired by Terry Gilecki
26 May 2023

Y6 Art inspired by Terry Gilecki

Year 6 have been studying the work of Terry Gilecki, an artist who is well known for his love of water and koi carp. The children experimented with the effects that can be achieved by adding salt to a surface painted with watercolour. They used a range of materials and methods to apply paint and…

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Image of Y1 Amazing Art
21 March 2023

Y1 Amazing Art

In our Textiles lessons we have been learning to attach materials in different ways and add colour, pattern and texture. 

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Image of Printing in Y6
17 February 2023

Printing in Y6

Y6 have been learning how to make their own printing tiles by engraving patterns into them and then experimenting with layers of colour and different  designs.

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Image of Year 5 Art Trip
30 November 2022

Year 5 Art Trip

Year 5 visited the Beacon today to view the painting Saskia Van Uylenburgh by Rembrandt. The master piece is on loan from the National Art Gallery and we felt very privileged to be able to see it. We learnt that it is a painting of Rembrandt’s wife and that it is over 400 years old. We were asked…

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Image of Still Life Art
4 November 2022

Still Life Art

Year 4 have been learning about still life compositions in Art. After looking at the art of Giorgio Morandi, they created their own compositions of everyday objects and used different media to create areas of light and shadow. 

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Image of Funny bones skeleton art
16 October 2022

Funny bones skeleton art

The children have been reading the story of Funny bones in class and talking about our bodies. They then made their own skeleton art using craft straws. They made the big skeleton, the little skeleton and their favourite the dog skeleton. 

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