Image of Our pebble families
30 September 2022

Our pebble families

In Reception we have been learning about the topic, “Me and my family”. The children then made their own families using pebbles. They then talked about who was in their family too. 

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Image of Year 6 Art (fruit)
16 September 2022

Year 6 Art (fruit)

Year 6 have been examining slices of fruit and vegetables to create detailed drawings using their sketching pencils. They used a variety of marks to add shading and detail. 

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Image of Y6 Outdoor Art
30 June 2022

Y6 Outdoor Art

Y6 took advantage of the recent fine weather and moved their artistic talents out to the playground. They were tasked with creating a design which used only natural things found around the playground. Some very creative pieces were made!

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Image of Y1 Remembrance
27 November 2021

Y1 Remembrance

Year 1 learnt about why Remembrance is important.  We learnt about the significance of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance.  In class we held a 2 minute silence and prayed for all those who have lost their lives. In Art we created finger print poppies. 

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Image of Year 4 Commemorate Remembrance Day 2021
15 November 2021

Year 4 Commemorate Remembrance Day 2021

Year 4 commemorated Remembrance Day by reading some war poetry. They then composed their own poem to express their gratitude to all those who made and continue to make sacrifices in wars. They then made their own poppy display sheet on which to present their poem. 

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Image of Y6 Remembrance Poppy Watercolours
12 November 2021

Y6 Remembrance Poppy Watercolours

To mark remembrance day, Y6 drew poppies and used the watercolours to reflect the sombre and reflective mood of the day. They then outlined their designs to make them stand out and evaluated their work effectively. 

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Image of Our watercolour traditional story picture
15 October 2021

Our watercolour traditional story picture

Nursery have been using watercolours to create their own paintings of their favourite character from a transitional story. We have paintings of the giant, the wolf and even Red Riding Hood. What fabulous artists!


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Image of Printmaking in Year 2
12 October 2021

Printmaking in Year 2

This half term in art the Year 2 children have been learning how to use objects to print patterns. In this lesson the children created their own stamps for printing. They drew a motif on kitchen sponge then cut it out. The children used their stamps to create repeating patterns where shapes…

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Image of Year 5 Mayan Masks
10 October 2021

Year 5 Mayan Masks

Year 5 have been learning all about Mayan masks. They discovered that masks were often inspired by animals and were colourful and vibrant. The Mayas were sometimes buried with a death mask which was intended to protect the wearer on their journey to the afterlife. 

All  these facts helped year…

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Image of Y6 Mental Health Nature Art Outdoors
16 May 2021

Y6 Mental Health Nature Art Outdoors

Y6 enjoyed a morning outdoors in the fresh air using the nature in our school-yard to help them create some fantastic and highly imaginative artistic creations! It was a great way to end Mental Health Awareness Week. 

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Image of Painting nature: Bluebell Wood at Muncaster Castle
13 May 2021

Painting nature: Bluebell Wood at Muncaster Castle

We found the beautiful bluebell woods of Muncaster Castle to be such a natural wonder. We analysed it, sketched out the main lines to gain perspective and then couldn’t wait to paint it. We did a great job of using perspective, colour washes and painting techniques to create…

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