Image of Y6 Mental Health Week Art inspired by nature
11 May 2021

Y6 Mental Health Week Art inspired by nature

To mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week (this year’s theme is Nature), our Y6 children used oil pastels and worked on their shading and shadowing techniques to create these calm and peaceful, nature-inspired pictures. 

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Image of Arrrrr the Nursery pirates
30 April 2021

Arrrrr the Nursery pirates

In Nursery we have started our Pirate topic. The children have been making their own paper pirate underpants, making pirate hats and telescopes. Next we will be looking for pirate treasure using our treasure maps. 


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Image of Y6 Science Week Art on Darwin
10 March 2021

Y6 Science Week Art on Darwin

Year 6 have been working on their pencil control and shading skills in their art sketching work. They used the scientist Charles Darwin as inspiration to create portraits as he is our featured scientist during National Science Week. 

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Image of Movement in Art
28 February 2021

Movement in Art

Year 4 observed artist Paula Reno created the illusion of movement in her painting ‘The Dance’. We looked at the use of colour and shape to create the illusion of movement in the skirts and the delicate placement of the dancers’ hands. We then applied these to draw our own sketches of a dancer. 

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Image of Y6 create Rainbows of Hope
24 February 2021

Y6 create Rainbows of Hope

Following the latest news that we will all be returning to school very soon, the children in Y6 created bright, rainbow posters to show their appreciation that normality is slowly returning!

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Image of Y6 celebrate Chinese New Year
12 February 2021

Y6 celebrate Chinese New Year

Y6 have been learning about the significance of Chinese New Year. They learnt about some of the traditions and how it is celebrated across the world. Dragons are used in dance to show power and to chase away evil spirits and bad luck. In their art lesson, the children recreated their own dragon…

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Image of Y1 The Snail and The Whale
10 February 2021

Y1 The Snail and The Whale

Year One has enjoyed lots of activities linked to Julia Donaldson’s The Snail and The Whale. They created story maps of the original story and then created their own versions. We worked hard to spot all the rhyming words and then chose our own rhyming words to go in our own stories. We created…

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Image of Landscape Art
9 February 2021

Landscape Art

Year 4 have been learning how to create perspective and depth in landscape art. 

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Image of Designing Fireworks
5 February 2021

Designing Fireworks

Year 5 have been reading 'The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ and were asked to design a firework that could help Lila and Lalchand win the competition! I think you’ll agree we have some future pyrotechnicians in the making! 


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Image of Y6 Art Perspective Drawing
3 February 2021

Y6 Art Perspective Drawing

Our Y6 children were once again challenged to refine their drawing skills in their Art lesson this week. They learnt ways to demonstrate perspective and both the children learning at home and in school produced some impressive results. 

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Image of Great Fire of London artwork
22 January 2021

Great Fire of London artwork

During lockdown Year 2 are continuing to learn about the Great Fire of London. This week they learned about how the fire was put out then they created a silhouette artwork of the fire.


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Image of Y6 Watercolour Poppies
11 November 2020

Y6 Watercolour Poppies

Y6 used watercolours to create a somber feel for their Remembrance artwork. The brief was to draw poppies of varying heights with elements of texture and depth. The children chose to use watercolours as they felt they reflected the muted and soft feelings of remembrance and loss. 

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