Fencing workshop

Image of Fencing workshop

Today Darren from Fit Fence visited school to give all classes an introduction to fencing in a fun and safe way. The Year 2 children learned the basic skills and techniques using foam swords and masks. They were taught the terminology used in fencing and were introduced to the concepts of…

Physical Education Year 2 Curriculum enrichment

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Y6 Fencing Session

Image of Y6 Fencing Session

Y6 enjoyed trying out a new sport - fencing. They learnt several new moves and how to block and attack an opponent. They enjoyed wearing the body armour and protective face masks. It was brilliant to learn new skills and sample new sports. 

Physical Education Year 6

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Fencing in Year 5

Image of Fencing in Year 5

Year 5 had a fantastic time learning how to fence during our workshop. They learnt how to travel forwards and backwards, how to defend themselves and how to attack their opponent. All the children said they enjoyed this new experience.

Physical Education Year 5

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Image of Dancing

Year 4 are enjoying learning different dance moves around their history theme of Anglo-Saxons. They are learning to position their bodies into precise poses then move in a controlled manner before linking all the moves together to the music to create a dance. 

Physical Education Year 4 History

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Reception PE in Autumn 1

Image of Reception PE in Autumn 1

This half term in PE, Reception have been learning about different ways of moving, such as crawling, rolling, walking and jogging. We then learnt how to use different equipment and move around the hall with it. The children used a bean bag, a large football and a tennis ball. They learnt how to…

Physical Education Reception

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Y6 Dodgeball

Image of Y6 Dodgeball

Y6 have been enjoying a variety of PE sessions but their favourite type of defend and attack game is dodgeball. They have been refining their skills in our sessions in the hall. 

Physical Education Year 6

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